Why I Quit Hunting Paedophiles


In October 2014 a documentary that myself and a few friends had put our entire lives into aired on channel 4, directed by Dan Reed it went on to sweep up during awards season.

‘The Paedophile Hunter’ was something I had intended on being an end to a chapter and move on to the next part of the story, that’s what I have been trying to do since then.

An introduction

If you are unsure of my motives and reasoning please watch the video below.

I have met with countless producers, made countless calls and sent many emails to people, with some showing lots of interest to start off with and eventually dipping off only to do the exact same project with someone else, I don’t mind that – I’m not upset, I don’t want to be the face of a show, I never ever did and anyone that was involved in making the paedophile hunter knows I didn’t want it, I preferred it when people knew my name but not who I was.

I have put weeks and months into preparing for projects with other people only to either be lead up the garden path or to eventually have a little disagreement and the whole thing turn to crap, either way, these amazing ideas I have had and people I have involved in the pre production of these ideas have had got so far into becoming real, to the point we were filming for channel 4, commissioned series called ‘Stinson Hunter Investigates’ – a friend of mine gave up his entire life, house, friends EVERYTHING to go deep undercover in a city with some of Birminghams darkest monsters to be dropped with no apology, no payment, no real explanation.
It all felt very dodgy.

After various other failed attempts at getting the ideas together with a production team I eventually did some soul searching and realised that I need people working for me with the same agenda as me not me working for people under the guise they’re working with me to meet their own agenda – if that makes sense?
This podcast is a start from scratch project that I have worked on for a few months on my own before even telling anyone I was doing it, eventually over the course of however many episodes i hope to meet new people with similiar ideas, same goals who can help me achieve what I have been trying to do for the last few years.

Everything is very vague at the minute but I want to grow it with this podcast, share every little idea I have and see if I can make some of them come to reality.

I have given up with TV – all my future projects will be internet based, monetised via various sources, adverts, paid sponsors, in order to get new documentaries out for free for the masses to see whilst still paying people involved.
I started all of this in 2009, I feel like I got so far and then just stalled, it was never about the fame, it was never about getting people locked up (me crying in the documentary was because all the lies that had been said about me at that time had just been destroyed, if you were around during that time you’d understand more to be honest, hopefully I can elaborate more soon) it was always about getting people talking, getting the conversation going – there’s countless copycats around now doing the exact same thing, saying the exact same things, getting the exact same results but what has changed?
The problem is STILL there, it’s all well and good catching people and exposing them but people are becoming desentized to it all now, there’s no discussion about it, just regurgitated statements that others have spouted.
I stepped away from it all because I didn’t like the attention I got, I didn’t like the fact that I was just repeating the same things over and over again and I wanted to use my now modest following to do some good in the world.

I was working on some really powerful projects that I hope I can continue making, I’m not about making the money, I just want to create thought provoking art that makes people sit up and listen and maybe do something about it – given the amount of copycats that have followed in my footsteps I think I can safely say that me and the people involved started something pretty big, but let’s not forget the message, let’s not forget the root issue here, it’s not about catching these people offending, it’s about stopping them from offending.

I did two ‘paedophile hunter’ stings in Edinburgh in December last year – those will be my final stings, I have said this before but caved to fan pressure, but I can categorically state now I will not be hunting paedophiles anymore, I will upload the content I had independently filmed April 10th 2017 along with a podcast explaining my side of events and why it has taken so long to publish and that will be it, I will be focussing my time on making thought provoking podcasts with guests from all walks of life, people I agree with and people I don’t – to create a conversation, to make a difference, my summer plans are currently a top secret charity event (so secret the charity don’t know about it yet) and building a team of people to help me create (not star in) a documentary series to be published online.

These are my long term goals, my films and videos I will be involved in will be in the same style as my ‘paedophile hunter’ videos, shocking, gritty and will create a very interesting conversation which I hope can lead to change.

If you have read all of this and watched the attached video then thank you so much for taking the time out to read my rambles, I hope it makes some sort of sense.

I’m not much of a writer, I tend to write how I talk which is sometimes rather erratic but I just wanted to add this little statement in with this video to give more clarity.

If you feel you may have something worth talking about on the podcast or want to get in touch anout anything I have mentioned in the video then please head over to the Contact section I want to continue sparking debate, challenging views whilst still working solidly towards bringing you groundbreaking content.

I’m confident the ideas that have been stalled for so long will soon be realised.

thank you for your time, love and support – ‘Hide the Cutlery’ officially starts April 10th 2017 – stick around for more information.

Stinson x

this time it’s for real.


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